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Mount Brennan Lodge is located at the trail head to Mount Brennan. This family owned land is located at 1300 meters on private property. The lodge is powered by a sizeable microhydro plant which provides enough power to provide guests with a rewarding backcountry experience with all the amenities of standard living, plus a few extras!

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The areas surrounding the lodge are majestic to say the least, with its rich mining history, mountain vistas, wildflowers, creeks & waterfalls.

Summertime activities include biking, hiking, huckleberry picking & exploration. The location of this lodge makes it ideal for people wanting to summit Mount Brennan. Whitewater and Jardine are very close as well. 

Wintertime activities include backcountry skiing, cross country skiing and mountaineering. This lodge is located a little lower than some backcountry lodges but still maintains an excellent base. Please inquire about current snow conditions!



Please note: The lodge is located on private property & any activities on crown land is the responsibility of the individual. This is a backcountry lodge that is located in complex terrain. Please exercise caution at all times and respect wildlife and nature. This is a self guided, self catered lodge. Please contact us for more details.



"The most peaceful yet rewarding experience, getting up here is quite worthwhile!"

Tonya Sandison








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